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Wendla Bergmann
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Name: Wendla Bergmann

Canon/Type: Spring Awakening/Musical

Canonical Point: After her death.

Physical Description: Wendla is a petite young woman with dirty blonde hair and grey eyes. She is usually seen wearing a dress, with black stockings and shoes.

History: Wendla is the youngest of two daughters, and at the beginning of the musical, she is very curious about where babies come from. She asks her mother, but does not get a reasonable or concrete answer. Later on, when she stumbles upon her childhood friend Melchior Gabor, she finds in him an intellectual and emotional companion. After spending some of their afternoon together, they go their separate ways, unaware that their destinies will meet in a life-changing way.
Some afternoons later, Wendla and her friends are leaving school when her friend Martha lets it slip that her father beats her with a belt at night. Wendla is horrified, yet curious about this, as she's lived a fairly sheltered existence up until this point, and the image and idea of being beaten cannot leave her mind. So a few days later, when she happens upon Melchior again, she asks him to beat her with a switch, in order for her to feel something. He resists at first, but after much begging from Wendla, he submits, and begins to beat her, eventually going out of control and hitting her with his fists. Wendla falls into a heap on the ground, sobbing. Melchior left his journal behind, however, and after he has run away, Wendla takes it home with her, reading it.
Then there is the fateful night in the hayloft. It is dark and stormy, and Wendla has been looking for Melchior again, wanting to return his journal (after she's read through it, of course). In the hayloft, Melchior warns her to go away, but Wendla insists on staying, not really knowing why. Melchior gives into his desire for Wendla and kisses her firmly, almost forcing her. Wendla says no at first, but then relents, letting him touch her and even enjoying it--after all, she is finally feeling something good. They continue touching each other, until finally, they have sex.
A few weeks later, Wendla has been suffering from nausea and sickness. Her mother sends for the doctor, who proclaims it to be anemia, but whispers to Wendla's mother that it is actually pregnancy. Wendla's mother confronts her about this, and at first Wendla doesn't realize what her mother is insinuating. Finally she realizes that Melchior got her pregnant, and although she is frightened at first, she vows to find a bright future for their child. Her mother, however, has other plans, and forces Wendla to see the abortionist, who ends up killing Wendla through a gruesome backalley abortion.

Disclaimer: I don't own Wendla, Eryn Murman, or Spring Awakening. :)

faerie queen dresses, kittens, learning, maybe haylofts, melchior gabor, not death, radicals, the color blue